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Gil Cagné


If you have a perfumery, beauty salon, beauty institute, or pharmacy and you are looking for a professional makeup line that makes a difference, you’re in the right place! Choose Gil Cagné, the high-quality makeup line designed specifically for industry professionals who want to offer their clients a luxury, iconic, and exclusive brand. We are recognized for the quality of our products, professionalism, and the support of our technical-commercial team and distribution network.

Make up by Gil Cagné

Product lines and ingredients

The attention given by end consumers to the quality of products is increasingly high today. Every detail must be meticulously taken care of, from ingredients to packaging, from sales consultation to after-sales support. Gil Cagné chooses to meet the needs of the modern customer and focuses on unique and innovative makeup that takes care of the skin.

The range includes all the necessary products for a complete and trendy makeup look: from essential concealers that minimize skin imperfections in just a few simple steps, to special foundations that adapt to modern needs for comfort and long-lasting wear, including powders, blushes, and bronzers.

Additionally, there are eye products such as pencils, eyeshadows, lash treatments, and mascaras. And let’s not forget the lip line, which includes pencils, brow products, eyeshadows, nourishing lipsticks with a wide range of colors, from minimal neutrals to glamorous reds, lip glosses for a luminous effect, and lip stains.

These are just some of the products from the extensive Gil Cagné range, ready to be discovered.

Face line

A wide range of products to achieve a flawless complexion. Choose from numerous foundation options for the finish you prefer, and define your face with lightweight formulas of bronzer, blush, and highlighter. Ensure long-lasting makeup with loose or compact powders.

Lip Line

Lip pencils, lipsticks, stains, and glosses with rich and nourishing formulas for full and voluminous lips. Discover the new textures in trendy shades and showcase the complete lip make-up line in the beautiful Rose Gold packaging!

Lip gloss
Lip stains
Lip pencil
Eye and eyebrow line

Maximum pigmentation and smooth application: the new formulas of eyeliner, eyelash and eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows, and mascara create an intense and magnetic look. Discover all the makeup products for eye looks by Gil Cagné.

Eye pencils
Eyebrow pencils


We facilitate the work of makeup professionals by offering a wide range of accessories, including a faux leather belt to keep brushes organized and the ideal makeup bag to store different color palettes in a compact space. We also recognize the importance of providing an enhanced shopping experience by offering posters, counter displays, makeup cards, and shopping bags!


Color palettes

Shopping bag

Makeup card

Make up Academy!

Continue learning, specializing, and exploring new trends and techniques in make-up! You can do so at the Make Up Academy by Baldan Group, where we organize courses of one or more days dedicated to beauty professionals with Pablo, Artistic Director of Maison Gil Cagné.

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