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Nutrietica Next is a balanced and comprehensive dietary program that, when followed consistently and combined with healthy habits and regular physical activity, allows you to achieve your desired physical shape. It is designed for anyone who wants to achieve and maintain their long-term psycho-physical well-being, becoming a real and lasting lifestyle.

What are the benefits of the Nutrietica dietary system?

  • It is fast and has a well-defined start and end date. The duration varies from 20, 30, or 40 days, depending on the desired weight to be reached.
  • The effects are visible from the first day.
  • The feeling of hunger is only experienced in the first 3/4 days, afterwards there is a sensation of vigor and energy.
  • Fat is mainly lost in the desired areas, while preserving muscle mass.


It is well known that the number of overweight individuals in Western society is constantly increasing, despite being informed about the risks associated with excess weight and having knowledge about proper nutrition. In reality, losing weight and getting back in shape is not easy with traditional diets, mainly for the following reasons:

  • It takes time to see results.
  • One must endure hunger and sacrifice social life.
  • Often, diets are difficult to follow for those who eat out.

But above all, diets result in a reduction in basal metabolism and loss of muscle mass: weight is lost in the wrong areas (cheeks, breasts, buttocks) with a compromised aesthetic appearance. Today, with the Nutrietica dietary system from the Mességué Center, things can be different!

What does the Nutrietica dietary system consist of?

This dietary system, born in France about 30 years ago, is now recommended by doctors worldwide and is based on the combination of allowed meat, fish, and vegetables, along with Nutrietica preparations called DAN (Nutrietica Amino Acid Dose), which are composed of high-quality biological amino acids.

The DAN Nutrietica preparations are balanced blends of amino acids that, when mixed with water, take on the shape and flavor of food; they become low-calorie protein-rich foods that nourish and preserve muscle mass.

100% gluten free
100% vegan
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